Business strives on clients as they take the business forward. When it comes to clients, kindly refrain from tried and tested gifting ideas, like a pen stand or a duffel bag or a t-shirt with company logo You cannot expect the client to put on your company tee everywhere he goes.

Why is it important to gift clients?

When you are looking to take your brand to people, client acts like the marketing manager. They take your brand to the next level. Therefore it is absolutely necessary that you and your client are on the same page. What you gift your client says a lot about your relationship. After all, business and clients go hand in hand.

Say thank you with style

When gifting, make sure that the gift is apt for the client. It shows that you have put enough effort in choosing an appropriate gift. How much you should spend on gifting clients depends upon your individual relationship. If you gift him a luxury watch or a trip to an Exotic Island it speaks a lot about your business relationship. If the client has given you profitable business for the year then definitely he deserves suitable appreciation.

How much can you spend on gifts to clients?

  1. Depends on the size of your business
  2. Depends on the profit your business earned
  3. Your personal equation with the client
  4. Your overall corporate gift budget
  5. Total number of clients

Let’s take each point in detail:

  • Work on your budget: There may be more than one client with whom you do business. And not everyone may give you the same volume in terms of profit. In that case, it is wise to sort out budget according to the client. Work on your budget, how much you can allocate for very important clients and the rest to remaining clients.
  • Profit earned: sometimes you have to decide the gift in accordance with the profit earned in the previous year. Obviously, you cannot afford to spend on lavish gifts, when profits are less.
  • Client equation: How you view your relationship with clients says a lot about the gift. You give an expensive gift to the client with whom you share a good rapport and who provides profitable business.
  • Size matters: What you can gift your clients largely depends upon the size of your business.
  • Clients: Choose your gifts keeping in mind the reaction of the client. Will he find the gift thoughtful as well as useful? You can also work out a budget based on client prefernces as well.

Do not always wait till the festive season for sending a corporate gift. Sometimes timely gifts strengthen the working relationship between client and business. Clients are motivated to do more business with you as they understand how much you value their efforts. If there are sticky patches in the business, it is the clients who can tide you over the rough times. So long standing clients absolutely deserve thoughtful corporate gifts to appreciate and retain their loyalty.