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6 Fringe Activity Ideas for Family

Engaging kids at times can be really tough if you are not well prepared. So if you wish to throw a party for your kid and his friends, then these fringe activities ideas can be great not to make them feel bored. For…


Find the Best Fringe Activities for Events Singapore – Exhibition for Families

Fringe Activities for Events Singapore Fringe Activities for Events Singapore: Let’s discuss the main challenge in organizing an exhibition: Most of the visitors to exhibitions come with their families. It is always parents worries that their children will be bored at home. This…


Creative photo booths for corporate events

Corporate events are getting creative day by day. It is no more the boring all day talks that are happening at the product launch events nor is it all questions and interviews at various fests conducted by corporate giants. What’s the fun without…


How Much Should You Spend On Corporate Gifts For Clients

Business strives on clients as they take the business forward. When it comes to clients, kindly refrain from tried and tested gifting ideas, like a pen stand or a duffel bag or a t-shirt with company logo You cannot expect the client…